About IPR Flavours

IPR Ventures Pvt Ltd. is in agreement with grass root level organizations, Social Service Agencies, Institutions, SHGs, and NGOs to empower farmers by providing a platform to market original products which are at par with organic products in terms quality. Our spices are collected from the original spice gardens and other spice regions of Kerala and are rich in aroma and flavour. Our spice mix is a perfect blend for home makers and professionals. Our range of spices which include pepper, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, turmeric, chilli, masala mixes, will enrich, enliven and envisage your cooking experience with its flavours.

Our dry fruits are also handpicked from the selected regions known for their quality and nutritional value. Our dry fruit collection is best for fruit salads, nut mixes, juices and ice cream sundaes. We also provide hand-picked tea leaves from the tea gardens of Kerala, Assam and North East India, which are as refreshing as a breezy morning and will rejuvenate you for the entire day and of course, without any additive, and colouring.

An innovative and affordable combination of the spices, dry fruits and tea leaves will give you the best of taste, the best of nutrition and the best of aroma. Take a refreshing journey with us and indulge in experience like never before.